News 08/20/2021

2nd place for Fraunhofer IAF in BMBF’s Green ICT innovation competition 

Fraunhofer IAF convinces with it's project "EdgeLimit"


News 07/09/2021

Resilient algorithms for quantum computing and innovative hardware made of diamond

Fraunhofer IAF at the Fraunhofer Solution Days 2021


News 06/15/2021

Curtain up: Fraunhofer and IBM to unveil quantum computer

Inauguration of the quantum computer in Ehningen


News 04/23/2021

Diamond-based quantum hardware for scalable quantum processors

Start of the joint project “QC-4-BW” within the Competence Center Quantum Computing Baden-Württemberg


News 04/13/2021

Trust first: “Velektronik” research project creates platform for trusted electronics


News 02/24/2021

Quantum shuttle to quantum processor “Made in Germany” launched

Project “QUASAR" aims to lay the foundations for the industrial production of quantum processors in Germany


News 2/2/2021

Annual Report 2020/21 »Quantum«

In this year’s annual report we show you how we are actively shaping the second generation of quantum technologies at Fraunhofer IAF.


News 01/28/2021

Quantum computing offers big potential for industry

Start of the joint project SEQUOIA within the Competence Center “Quantum Computing Baden-Württemberg”


News 01/28/2021

ASCENT+ launches Transnational Access to European nanoelectronics infrastructure

Start of the EU funded Transnational Access (TA) program.


News 01/08/2021

€19 million state funds go to projects in the Fraunhofer Competence Center “Quantum Computing Baden-Württemberg“

Three projects with participation of Fraunhofer IAF


News 12/18/2020

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

As the year draws to a close, we have put together a selection of our innovations, collaborations and events for you.


News 12/14/2020

Semiconductor technologies for GreenICT innovation competition

Fraunhofer IAF evaluates disruptive semiconductor technologies and devices for energy-efficient information and communications technology.


News 10/19/2020

EU program trains experts for 5G and beyond

PhD program supports two young high frequency scientists at Fraunhofer IAF.



News 10/08/2020

New machines for future devices

Fraunhofer IAF upgrades its equipment for the production of nanostructures and its competence in material analysis.


News 08/27/2020

Appointment to “Fritz Hüttinger Professorship for Energy-Efficient Radio-Frequency Electronics”

Deputy Director Dr. Rüdiger Quay accepts call for professorship at INATECH.


News 08/21/2020

The missing piece to the optical coordinate measuring device

Development of the world’s first optical coordinate measuring device for remote and full area measurements of large objects. 


News 28/07/2020

Scalable quantum computers through cryogenic 3D nanoelectronics

Fraunhofer IAF researches innovative electronics for quantum computers within the EU project "SEQUENCE"


News 04/01/2020


The annual report 2019/20 is out! This time we venture a look at the technologies of the future - What will the world of tomorrow look like?


News 03/19/2020

The state of Baden-Württemberg is funding the »Competence Center Quantum Computing«

Funding of up to 40 million euros over the next four years.


News 03/13/2020

IBM and Fraunhofer bring Quantum Computing to Germany

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and IBM announced today the signing of the agreement aimed at advancing quantum computing in Germany.



News 01/30/2020

Working together to advance quantum computing in Europe

About 100 representatives from research, politics and industry took part in the Quantum Computing Workshop at Fraunhofer IAF.


News 12/18/2019

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

We look back on an exciting year and have put toghether some of our highlights of 2019 for you.  


News 11/13/2019

Towards Zero Power Electronics

The lighthouse project »ZePoWel« develops energy-efficient, modular hardware as the basis for IoT. IAF is working on energy-efficient integrated circuits.


News 11/13/2019

“5G” as a key technology for digitization

Video interview: Dr. Rüdiger Quay explains the advantages of “5G” and the differences compared to its predecessors “4G” and UMTS.


News 11/06/2019

Cooperation of Fraunhofer and Rohde & Schwarz for 6G

The collaboration has resulted in a wireless transmit and receive system operating between 270 and 320 GHz.



News 10/30/2019

Fast internet anytime and anywhere

A project consortium is working on the world's first in-orbit verification of a communication link in the E-band.


News 09/26/2019

THz technologies for the wireless extension of fiber optic links

In the research project Terranova, the project partners have achieved a wireless data transmission in real time with a faultless data rate of 100 Gbit/s at a carrier frequency of 300 GHz.


News 07/09/2019

Visions of microelectronics

Our expert Dr. Rüdiger Quay gave a talk on the subject of cryogenic measurement technology at the CEA Leti / Fraunhofer workshop during the SEMICON West conference.


News 06/05/2019

Quantum technology - an innovation driver for industry?

Workshop »Quantum Technology« at Fraunhofer IAF


News 05/16/2019

A turbo for energy savings

In the project »Ultimate GaN« 26 partners from nine countries will conduct research on the next generation of energy-saving chips based on the new semiconductor material gallium nitride (GaN).


News 03/21/2019

A complete success: The »44th Freiburg IR Colloquium«

With a comprehensive program of scientific talks and a record number of more than 100 participants, the workshop offered a platform to discuss the latest findings.


News 02/22/19

Fraunhofer IAF awarded the FamilyLogo

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft honors Fraunhofer IAF for its great commitment and its diverse range of services to help employees reconcile work and family life.


News 02/13/2019


This year’s annual report of Fraunhofer IAF is all about the smallest phenomenon: quantum effects! Read more about it:


News 02/12/19

6.7 million euros for Freiburg research laboratory

The German Ministry for Education and Research is funding a project to develop miniaturized sensors for biomedicine.


News 02/12/19

Quantum Sensors to Understand and Control the Nanoworld

Quantum flagship: a second project involving Fraunhofer IAF has started


News / #WHAT'S NEXT at the Fraunhofer IAF?/ 01/10/19

Welcome 2019

2019 will be a year full of new special moments and events. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft celebrates its 70th birthday and we celebrate with it.


News 12/17/2018

We wish you a wonderful Christmas time!

Quite a bit has happened in 2018 at Fraunhofer IAF. We have collected some of this year’s most interesting moments and give you a little foretaste of what is to come in 2019.


News 12/10/2018

Changes at IAF

Three new Division Directors start at Fraunhofer IAF. In an interview they talk about changes at the institute and their goals for the coming years.


News 11/26/2018

“Actually, IAF is like a Hidden Champion.”

Nicolas Kurz talks about his doctoral project and his dual position at Fraunhofer IAF and the INATECH.  


News 11/21/2018

Markus Weiß receives Best Paper Award

The doctoral student was honored for his paper at the IMWS-5G.


News 10/05/2018

Fraunhofer Taler for Prof. Dr. Joachim Wagner

After 33 years of work at Fraunhofer IAF, Joachim Wagner was honored at a festive colloquium.


News 09/25/2018

Measuring Smallest Magnetic Fields in the Brain Using
Diamond and Laser Technology

Quantum sensors – Fraunhofer IAF launches a project for medical applications.


News 09/17/2018

Using Gallium Nitride for a Powerful 5G Cellular Network

The Fraunhofer IAF takes part in the joint EU project »5G GaN2«.


News 09/13/2018

The promotion of young researchers

In this interview, Philipp Döring talks about his recently started dual doctoral position at the Fraunhofer IAF and the Department of Sustainable Systems Engineering (INATECH).


News 08/23/2018

Handheld standoff detection in real time

Dr. Marko Härtelt, head of Application laboratory infrared lasers, will be giving an invited talk about real-time handheld standoff detection at the SPIE Security + Defence.


News 08/20/2018

Filming at IAF - Invitation to FMD Innovation Day

A short video captures four new machines at IAF. It will be shown at the FMD Innovation Day, to which we cordially invite you.


News 08/10/2018

New Deputies at Fraunhofer IAF

Fraunhofer IAF has two new deputy directors since July 1, 2018: Dr. Rüdiger Quay and Dr. Jutta Kühn.


News / 16.05.2018

Quality Management at Fraunhofer IAF

The head of quality management Dr. Harald Müller offers an insight into the working of a quality management system at a research institute.


News / 02.05.2018

In conversation with Thomas Trendle

In this interview, Thomas Trendle talks about the role of precision mechanics at Fraunhofer IAF and describes the process from the first idea to a finished piece.


News 04/17/2018

New developments in high frequency electronics

Dr. Dirk Schwantuschke will talk about »mm-Wave Operation of AlN/GaN-Devices« at the 22nd Microwave and Radar Conference in Poznan, Poland.


News / 09.04.2018

A diet for IoT

In the Internet of Things (IoT), electronics have to perform as energy-efficiently as possible. Sensors and their power consumption behavior play an important role in this regard.


News / 19.3.2018

Review of GeMiC 2018 in Freiburg

According to the motto »Riding the Green Waves«, scientists and engineers from all over the world presented their research results in the fields of microwave and radar technology at this year's German Microwave Conference.


News 03/14/18

Science for Costumers

The annual report provides information about the institute in figures, the work of the business units and their scientific projects as well as reporting on selected activities.


News / 30.1.2018

German Microwave Conference

Research meets industry – exchange and networking at the GeMiC 2018.


News / 22.1.2018

In conversation with Jutta Kühn

In this interview, Jutta Kühn talks about her work as the head of the microelectronics department and about the challenge to work part-time.