Michael Basler wins the SEMIKRON Young Engineer Award 2022

11/28/2022 / Award for research in the field of “monolithic integration of GaN power circuits.”

Michael Basler holds his certificate for the SEMIKRON Young Engineer Award 2022 in his hands.
© Fraunhofer IAF
For his research in the field of “monolithic integration of GaN power circuits” Michael Basler from Fraunhofer IAF has received the SEMIKRON Young Engineer Award 2022

Michael Basler, scientist at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics IAF, has won the SEMIKRON Young Engineer Award 2022 for his research in the field of “monolithic integration of GaN power circuits.”

For several years now, Fraunhofer IAF has been researching monolithic integration in the field of power electronics. The aim is to integrate several single components such as power devices, control and sensors on a single semiconductor chip. Due to its advantageous physical properties, the key component for this compact packaging technology is the compound semiconductor gallium nitride (GaN). Gallium nitride is grown on silicon (Si), the most affordable and commonly used semiconductor material in industry, which makes the technology particularly interesting for commercial use.

In the course of his dissertation, Michael Basler succeeded in advancing GaN-on-Si-technology through pioneering concepts and, among other things, realized two innovative monolithic integrated GaN power circuits. These combine a synchronous buck converter with half-bridge, driver and control for highly compact DC-DC conversion, and an active rectifier diode with power switch as well as control and auxiliary power supply for highly compact AC-DC rectification on a single chip. For this achievement he was awarded the SEMIKRON Young Engineer Award 2022. His innovation represents a milestone toward broader use of the technology, for example in chargers. GaN power circuits are characterized not only by better efficiency but also by higher compactness, which enables lower costs and lower resource consumption.

Fraunhofer IAF set the stage for his success, Basler said, because expertise GaN-on-Si-technology that the institute has built up over the years. In addition, he stated, it was possible to conduct his research with great freedom at the institute, which enabled him to push ahead with his developments.

Together with the SEMIKRON Innovation Award, the SEMIKRON Young Engineer Award (for researchers under 30 years of age) is presented annually by the SEMIKRON Foundation and the ECPE network (European Center for Power Electronics) for outstanding innovations or novel concepts in power electronics. One criterion for the award is a social benefit, for example the promotion of environmental protection through resource-saving innovations.

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