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Quantum Sensors


One of our goals at the Fraunhofer IAF is it to develop magnetometers with the highest spatial resolutions and the highest sensitivities, so that it will be possible to detect individual atomic nuclear spins - a revolution in the field of nanoanalytics.


Electronic Circuits


high-frequency electronics and power electronics

We develop transistors, monolithic integrated circuits (ICs) and modules for a broad spectrum of applications. We address high frequency and power applications in the microwave and (sub)millimeter-waves range up to 670 GHz, as well as power electronics for use in power switches and converters up to 100 MHz.


Diamond Devices


We develop: high-purity and specifically doped monocrystalline diamond layers for applications in quantum technologies, for example as single photon sources, high-resolution magnetic field probes, or for future power electronic devices based on diamond. We are also involved in the development, optimization and application of single-crystalline diamond wafers for optical and electronic applications.


Optoelectronic Devices


In the field of optoelectronics, we mainly develop photodetectors and semiconductor lasers for the infrared spectrum (wavelength > 1,5 µm), but also for the solar-blind ultraviolet spectrum (< 280nm).


Material Development

In order to realize new device concepts and to improve and extend our current devices portfolio we also investigate and develop novel materials.

Fraunhofer IAF

Lighthouse projects


With our Fraunhofer lighthouse projects we focus our efforts precisely on the needs and requests that come from the industry.