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Your partner in III-V semiconductor research. We develop electronic and optoelectronic devices, components, and materials based on semiconductors. Our technologies are used in applications fields such as security, energy, communication, health, and mobility.

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The fifth generation (5G) communications technologies will provide a mobile internet access for various applications in the future: Reaching from innumerable low data rate sensors, as part of the »Internet of Things«, to individual terminals with high data rates, which would be required for video streaming, for example.

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We are researchers and entrepreneurs, visionaries and engineers. With more than 26 000 employees at 72 institutes and facilities, we work together to turn ideas into reality. We look back on what we have achieved and, above all, look to the future.

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Technologies and systems from a single source

Fraunhofer IAF is a participant in the Research Fab Microelectronics Germany (FMD)

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Infrared lasers for spectroscopy

Quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) combine a broad spectral tuning range of more than hundreds of wavenumbers with high spectral brightness. The infrared application laboratory at Fraunhofer IAF aims to bridge the gap between laser source and measurement system development at Fraunhofer IAF and customers.

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This year’s annual report of Fraunhofer IAF is all about the smallest phenomenon: quantum effects! Read more about it:

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THz technologies for the wireless extension of fiber optic links

In the research project Terranova, the project partners have achieved a wireless data transmission in real time with a faultless data rate of 100 Gbit/s at a carrier frequency of 300 GHz.



News 07/09/2019

Visions of microelectronics

Our expert Dr. Rüdiger Quay gave a talk on the subject of cryogenic measurement technology at the CEA Leti / Fraunhofer workshop during the SEMICON West conference.


Press release 06/24/2019

Fingerprint spectroscopy within a millisecond

Fraunhofer IAF showcases real-time laser spectroscopy system at the LASER World of PHOTONICS.


Press release 06/03/2019

On-site detection of hazardous substances

Together with partners from research and industry, Fraunhofer IAF has developed a hand-held scanner for hazardous substances and explosives.

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Fair / 31.03.2020 - 03.04.2020


Fraunhofer IAF will showcase the newest advances in real-time spectroscopy using quantum cascade lasers.


Fair + Conference / 13. - 18.09.2020

European Microwave Week 2020

Fraunhofer IAF will present current research results on millimeter wave and terahertz systems at EUMW in Utrecht.