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Your partner in III-V semiconductor research. We develop electronic and optoelectronic devices, components, and materials based on semiconductors. Our technologies are used in applications fields such as security, energy, communication, health, and mobility.

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Quantum computing

We use our expertise in electronics and diamond to improve the performance of qubits and quantum memories, to develop novel quantum hardware, to increase computing time and to reduce error rates.

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Diamond-based quantum sensors

We develop diamond-based quantum sensors that can detect magnetic and electric fields with a spatial resolution of just a few nanometers down to individual electron and nuclear spins.

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Technologies and systems from a single source

Fraunhofer IAF is a participant in the Research Fab Microelectronics Germany (FMD)

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News 01/08/2021

€19 million state funds go to projects in the Fraunhofer Competence Center “Quantum Computing Baden-Württemberg“


News 12/14/2020

Semiconductor technologies for GreenICT innovation competition

Fraunhofer IAF evaluates disruptive semiconductor technologies and devices for energy-efficient ICT.


News 11/24/2020

Quantum magnetometers installed in application laboratory

Expected launch of Applab quantum sensing in spring 2021


Press release 09/16/2020

Scalable technology for quantum computers

EU Project SEQUENCE approaches to develop electronics for low temperature operation.

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Fair + Conference / 10. - 15.1.2021

European Microwave Week 2020

Fraunhofer IAF will present current research results on millimeter wave and terahertz systems at EUMW in Utrecht.

Fair / 12. - 16.4.2021

Hannover Fair

We will showcase highlights from our research on quantum computing and quantum sensing.


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