“A cheerful give and take“

Interview with Cristina Maurette Blasini, PhD student at INATECH.

Cristina Maurette Blasini is a PhD student at INATECH. In this interview, she gives insight into the everyday collaboration with Fraunhofer IAF, and explains the benefits of cooperating across institutional boundaries.

Portrait Cristina Maurette Blasini from INATECH
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Cristina Maurette Blasini is a PhD student at INATECH.

What exactly are you researching at INATECH?

I am researching the high linearity in frequency converters up to 300 GHz. Therefore, I am currently working with gallium nitride (GaN) circuits. Using the models and the technology from Fraunhofer IAF, I build frequency converters and mixers at around 140 GHz. This contributes to having more efficient circuits at higher frequencies, which can be used in communications, for example.

Which points of contact between INATECH and Fraunhofer IAF do you experience in your everyday work?

There are a lot. (Laughs.) One major point is the intense guidance we receive from Dr. Sébastien Chartier and Professor Rüdiger Quay. Another point is the fact that we use the technology from Fraunhofer IAF. For example, we are in very close contact with the modelling group and I receive a lot of support from Dr. Dirk Schwantuschke in my work with GaN.

How do you perceive the collaboration in practice?

It is a cheerful give and take: We exchange both know-how and infrastructure. For example, when we started setting up the measurement laboratory at INATECH, Fraunhofer IAF advised us very well. In turn, we now provide these setups to our colleagues at Fraunhofer IAF for their own measurements.

What surprised you in the collaboration?

I was positively surprised how direct the communication turned out to be. Like with other cooperation partners, we only have external access rights. But in reality, we are in permanent exchange with the researchers of Fraunhofer IAF and we constantly visit each other. That is really nice! There is no better way to learn.

Starting 2024, which impulses can INATECH and Fraunhofer IAF jointly provide in the Innovation Campus Sustainability?

Above all, we can benefit from the collaboration we have already done and each other’s strengths. Between both institutions, the focus is not on competition, but the transfer of knowledge and helping each other. This common foundation is a huge advantage.

Measurement setup at INATECH
Measurement setup at INATECH

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