Fraunhofer IAF – your partner for research and development!

Developing products with foresight and always being one step ahead of the competition – that is the only way companies can survive in the competitive market for semiconductor technologies. The European semiconductor industry must not only be at the forefront from a technological perspective in order to succeed under the pressure of fierce competition from Asia, but must also bring attractively priced products to the market. However, research and development are expensive – so what can be done?

With its applied research and development Fraunhofer IAF offers businesses different forms of cooperation. In almost all publicly funded projects, we cooperate with companies – not only with corporations, smaller businesses are also well represented in our industry contacts. In addition, we conduct preliminary research on topics that we consider to be particularly promising. This gives companies the opportunity to access these technologies using licenses later on.

Fraunhofer IAF bridges the gap between basic research and product development. Thus, it offers support for companies in the development of new and innovative products based on micro and nanotechnologies and compound semiconductors. We accompany companies from the concept and planning through the development to a concrete result.

Find out about our research activities and the fields in which our developments find application. We also offer you optical and structural as well as electrical and mechanical characterization of your materials.

Success stories – successful cooperations


Bridging the gap to better product quality

Cooperation with Fraunhofer IPMS for laser-based measuring systems


Bridging the gap to precise weather forecasts

Satellite-based earth observation in cooperation with ESA


Bridging the gap for data rates up to 1 Gbit/s

Shaping the 5th generation of mobile communication with Nokia