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Videos on Quantum Computing

Quantum computers and their applications


Quantum computing promises to be able to solve problems through highly parallel data processing that are hardly solvable with today's computing power. But how do they work and what are the differences to classical computers? This animation illustrates it.

Quantum computers for logistics and a greener future


One area of application for which quantum computers are virtually predestined is the optimization of logistics processes. This animation explains how this works and how it contributes to a greener future.

Videos on Diamond Devices and Quantum Sensors

Quantum Sensors: Interview with Prof. Dr. Dr. Oliver Ambacher

How do quantum sensors based on diamond work? In this interview, Prof. Dr. Dr. Oliver Ambacher explains what is going to be possible with future quantum sensors.

Quantum Sensors

Quantum sensors made of diamond with a nitrogen defect enable measurements of smallest magnetic fields at room temperature. This video explains how exactly this works, and how quantum sensors can help detect faulty hard disks or nanoelectronic circuits.

Diamond for a better diagnostic of cardiovascular diseases


A better diagnostic of cardiovascular diseases with diamond: The MetaboliQs project combines diamond-based nuclear spin manipulations and medical imaging to foster the understanding of bio-molecular metabolisms and therefore improve personalized health care.

Nanoelectronic Circuits

When characterizing nanoelectronic circuits, a diamond with a nitrogen defect can measure the current flow and ensure the correct function of even the smalles devices.

Cancer diagnostics with diamond

With the help of quantum effects in diamond, we have the chance to revolutionize cancer diagnostics.

Diamond tips for the quality control of hard drives

Scientists at Fraunhofer IAF are developing highly sensitive diamond sensors, applying electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy. The sensor checks whether a magnetic field exists or not, thereby identifying faulty hard drive areas.

Detecting tiny magnetic fields with diamond sensors

In order to identify magnetic fields with diamond sensors, a nitrogen atom is introduced into a tiny diamond tip. Even the smallest magnetic fields can be detected by ESR spectroscopy using the electrons of the nitrogen vacancy center.

About Fraunhofer IAF


Take a look behind the scenes of Fraunhofer IAF with us and find out more about our research.

Working at Fraunhofer IAF

In this video, employees tell us about their work at Fraunhofer IAF, what motivates and fascinates them.

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A quick look into the history of Fraunhofer IAF


Take a quick look back with us at the history of Fraunhofer IAF. We work to turn ideas into reality. In doing so, we look back on what has been achieved, above all we look forward and ask ourselves again and again #WHATSNEXT?

Video on energy-efficient electronics

High Frequency Electronics at Fraunhofer IAF


Learn more about the High Frequency Electronics at Fraunhofer IAF. We offer integrated circuits and modules from 1 - 600 GHz with top values in terms of gain, frequencies and noise figure. For example, we are developing the lowest noise amplifiers in the world. Take a look in our clean room and find out more about the range of applications of our modules for communication and radar.

Power Electronics at Fraunhofer IAF


In the field of power electronics, IAF researchers are working on the development of power transistors and circuits based on gallium nitride (GaN). Furthermore, we research and develop new materials, for example AlScN layers for piezoelectric filters.

THz Technologies for Beyond 5G Wireless Networks


For beyond 5G networks our researchers work on THz wireless links, fusing them with fiber-optic infrastructures to reach a 100x higher data rate compared to 5G. Here you can find more information on this project.

Animations on optical technologies

IR-Laser Fabrication Chain

This video explains the processes and steps involved in the development of an infrared laser. The video runs without sound or speech.

Quantum Cascade Laser Based Spectroscopy

This video explains how spectroscopy based on quantum cascade lasers works. The video runs without sound or speech.

Infrared Semiconductor Lasers

In this video we show you our wide range of applications of infrared lasers. The video runs without sound or speech.


Videos from our Fairs and Exhibitions

Report from Analytica 2018

At Analytica 2018, the leading trade fair for process analytics, biotechnology and laboratory technology, Fraunhofer IAF presented its latest quantum cascade laser technologies for real-time spectroscopy of solids and liquids. (video in German)

Report from Hannover Messe 2018

Take a look at the inner workings of packaged goods with us in real time: with our millimeter-wave radar, the invisible becomes visible. At Hannover Fair 2018, Fraunhofer IAF presented high-frequency electronics in the field of radar. (video in German)

Package scanner at Hannover Messe 2019


FMD goes Hannover Messe: Our millimeter-wave radar was at the Hannover Messe 2019. The W-band radar is able to scan packaged goods in real time and offers a view inside.