Our Services

Fraunhofer IAF offers its customers a wide range of measurement technologies as a service. These range from structural and chemical analysis of III-V semiconductor materials and epitaxial layers to high frequency measurement systems and an application laboratory for laser-based infrared spectroscopy.


Application lab for laser-based analytical infrared spectroscopy

In our application laboratory, we offer spectroscopic measurements with our fast tunable quantum cascade lasers (QCLs).


High frequency measurement facilities

We feature a variety of advanced measurement systems for the characterization of integrated circuits and high frequency modules.



We offer a number of analytical methods for the chemical and structural characterization of bulk semiconductors, semiconductor heterostructures and thin-film systems.



Order epitaxial layers according to your specifications for power and high-frequency electronic components as well as for semiconductor lasers, LEDs and detectors.


Module und ICs

At the Fraunhofer IAF, we can develop integrated circuits and modules for you at up to 850 GHz with worldwide top values in terms of noise figure, amplification and efficiency.


Multiproject Wafer Runs

We regularly offer electronic multiproject wafer runs (MPW) and full mask processing with both front and back side processing.



3-dimensional measurements with millimeter waves - On our robotic-measuring station our scientists can carry out measurements for customers or partners.