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Several quantum magnetometers will soon be available to enable partners from science and industry to evaluate the innovation potential of quantum sensors for their specific requirements. We are looking forward to getting to know potential users, their questions and project ideas!

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Our quantum magnetometers

quantum magnetometer
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Qnami ProteusQ is a modified atomic force microscope

Qnami ProteusQ

The Qnami ProteusQ is an adapted atomic force microscope and a plug & play device, complete with electronics and software. It is not necessary for customers to have special expertise in quantum sensing, since it offers automated operations and the tip and sample exchange takes just a few minutes. The system measures small DC magnetic fields with atomic spatial resolution and is well suited to investigate materials science questions.


quantum magnetometer
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Attocube's scanning probe microscope is being developed into a quantum magnetometer at IAF.

attocube CSFM

This system is an atomic force microscope combined with a confocal microscope, which offers extreme stability. At Fraunhofer IAF, this system is modified to a quantum magnetometer. For this purpose, the laser, the single photon detector and the microwave source will be integrated and programmed. It will also be possible to incorporate different diamond tips and measure both DC and AC currents. This makes it a versatile magnetometer that can be adapted to various quantum sensor applications.

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QZabre's quantum magnetometer is a plug & play ready to go AFM.

QZabre QSM

This system will be available soon. It is a plug & play AFM with two additional features: AC magnetometry and the magneto-optical Kerr effect. The first allows measurements that require high sensitivity, the second measures the magnetization of samples. Since the microwave antenna is integrated into the diamond probe, this magnetometer is perfectly suited for sample comparison studies.

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