Electronic Circuits

We develop

Transistors, monolithic integrated circuits (ICs) and modules for a wide range of applications. We address high frequency and power applications in the field of microwaves and (sub-)millimeter-waves up to 670 GHz, as well as in power electronics for use in power switches and converters up to 100 MHz.

Our components based on GaN and InGaAs are:

  • powerful
  • low-noise
  • linear
  • energy-efficient
  • of small size
High frequency electronics power electronics

Metamorphic IC technology

Our technology is based on InGaAs mHEMTs and includes gate lengths of: 50 nm / 35 nm / 20 nm.

This makes it possible to develop extremely low-noise and broadband applications at room temperature, but also under cryogenic conditions, with cut-off frequencies of up to 1 THz.

  • Amplifiers:
    are suitable for space applications and offer lowest noise figures at very high amplification.
  • Transceiver ICs:
    enable ultra-fast data transmission up to 300 GHz and above.

High frequency filter

We work with novel piezoelectric materials, such as AlScN, for high frequency RF filter applications in the telecommunications industry.


In the millimeter wave range, we develop subsystems such as compact radar modules with the highest measurement accuracy for demanding applications in materials testing, automation technology and process control.


Microwave Power Amplifier

Using GaN on silicon carbide substrates, our development in this range includes integrated circuits up to over 100 GHz with the following focal points:·        

  • Power generation in the range 1 - 2 GHz with powers of 1 kW,
  • mobile amplifier in the range 0.5 - 6 GHz with powers up to 250 W
  • Amplifier for radio links in the Ka-band up to 40 GHz with powers from 5 - 10 W

In the E-band (71 - 84 GHz) various ICs with an output power of around 1 W are available. The higher frequency range at 94 GHz is being investigated for radar applications.

Power switches and converters

We offer R&D services in the field of integrated FET circuits and diodes for modules up to 3 kW per module in the area of power switches and converters in the GaN to silicon substrate material system.

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