AI_at_theEdge—Electronics with new materials for edge computing in mobile networks

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Example of GaN-based switching amplifier for edge computing in mobile networks

Multi-access edge computing (MEC) and the associated mobile edge cloud solutions form an important part of future mobile networks. Among other things, the development of new hardware is a key aspect for the implementation of these solutions:

Therefore, the team of the “AI_at_theEdge” project researches and develops the technological foundations for an AI-supported, flexible, efficient and scalable mobile edge cloud solution, that forms the basis for mobile networks with low latency, high frequency agility and high data rates.

Fraunhofer IAF contributes to the achievement of the project goals by researching fast and powerful GaN-based devices and innovative power amplifier concepts.


AI_at_theEdge—Electronics with new materials for edge computing in mobile networks



2022 – 2025


Federal Ministry for Education and Research


Infineon Technologies AG


Dr. Dirk Schwantuschke


  • Research of switch mode power amplifiers for the realization of a hybrid Doherty amplifier
  • Realization of a highly linear power amplifier with high back-off efficiency
  • AI-supported control, calibration and linearization of the radio heads, centrally controlled in the MEC

Support for research initiatives in the field of "Electronic Systems for Trusted and Energy-Efficient Distributed Computing in Edge Computing (OCTOPUS)."

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