Material development

In order to realize new device concepts and to improve and extend our current devices portfolio we investigate and develop novel materials. One significant focus is the growth of high purity as well as intentionally doped single-crystalline diamond layers for use in quantum technologies: For example, as single photon sources, high-resolution magnetic field probes, as basis for spin-qubit quantum gates operating at room temperature, or for future power electronic devices. Furthermore, we concentrate on optimizing nanocrystalline diamond layers, graphene and Aluminum Scandium Nitride (AlScN) as an emerging piezoelectric material, which we also produce by metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD).

Projects highlights


Project “ASTERIQS”

Development of single crystal diamond tips with NV centers as basis for sensor development


Project “DiLaMag”

NV-doped CVD diamond for ultra-sensitive laser threshold magnetometry


Project “mAgnes”

Low-cost silicon technology with piezoelectric AlScN layer for extremely broadband current sensor with highest dynamics for highly efficient power conversion


Project “SALSA”

Ferroelectricity in AlScN: From effect discovery to disruptive devices



Researchers at Fraunhofer IAF have succeeded in producing AlScN via MOCVD


Project “PiTrans”

Development of novel piezoelectric materials


AlScN surface acoustic wave filters

Read about a patent for surface acoustic wave resonators based on aluminum scandium nitride in this interview