PiTrans - AlScN – development of novel piezoelectric materials

Si wafer with AlScN-based surface acoustic wave resonator structures fabricated at Fraunhofer IAF.
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Si wafer with AlScN-based surface acoustic wave resonator structures fabricated at Fraunhofer IAF.

Our needs for different ways to communicate and to share large amounts of information are constantly growing. A modern smartphone contains 20 – 50 RF frequency components, and this number will increase to >100 in the near future. In order to accommodate higher frequencies and to build more efficient and smaller devices, the main goal of Pitrans project is to develop novel piezoelectric materials, such as AlScN, for high frequency RF filter applications in telecommunication industry.


PiTrans − Development of novel piezoelectric materials



2015 − 2020


Fraunhofer Attract excellence stipend program


  • Development of AlScN layers for the next generation high-frequency filters
  • High quality sputtered AlScN with up to 40% Sc
  • Piezoelectric material and electroacoustic device characterization



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Piezoelectric Material

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