Our Employees talk about ...


“I enjoy process technology because it combines theory with practice.”

Jasmin Niemasz, process manager


"I accompany projects before they start and until they reach market."

Deborah Mohrmann, business developer


"The synergies are perfect for a circuit designer like me."

Fabian Thome, researcher PhD


"GaN technology is a real innovation for everyday applications."

Stefan Mönch, researcher PhD


"Dealing with the next generation of scientists enriches me."

Martin Walther, Division Director Research Infrastructure


"I was first to show that graphene can also be used as an active electrode material."

Marius Knapp, researcher


"The mixing of my Spanish and the German culture was highly productive for my research"

Belén Amado-Rey, researcher PhD


"We hope that at best we can revolutionize the assembly technology."

Christian Zech, researcher PhD


"Actually, IAF is like a Hidden Champion."

Nicolas Kurz, Group High-frequency electronics, piezoelectronics


"The idea is the promotion of young researchers."

Philipp Döring, Group "mockups"


"I decided to take a chance and jump into the deep."

Anne-Julie Maurer, research manager


"Every piece is a new challenge that requires new ideas and approaches."

Thomas Trendle, Head of Precision Engineering


"Our quality management system starts and ends with our clients."

Harald Müller, quality manager


"Creating a trusting relationship is important for the team spirit."

Jutta Kühn, Head of Department Microelectronics


Of highly sensitive Satellites and the passion for research

Markus Rösch, Group leader sensor systems


Doctorate: first complete GaN-based tri-gate technology

Erdin Ture, PhD



All-round radar view through creative technical engineering

Olivia Lehmann, technician


Quantum physics brought to application: impacting the research landscape with laser technologies

Lorenz Butschek, PhD


How the Scottish manage research: internship at Fraunhofer CAP

Christina Lehmann, administration


"I have always asked for the Why."

Vera Gramich, physicist


"Researchers here never give up."

Taro Yoshikawa, Group diamond heteroepitaxy


"Expertise and advanced technology levels make research in Germany so attractive."

Belén Amado Rey, PhD


"Nobody here thinks within fixed borders, that’s what makes work interesting!"

Thomas Gerrer, Group diamond heteroepitaxy