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In conversation with Vanessa Dehn

Vanessa Dehn has been working on her PhD in quantum information at Fraunhofer IAF since August 2021. In her PhD thesis, she investigates and develops quantum algorithms and uses the IBM Quantum System One in Ehningen near Stuttgart, whose access Fraunhofer exclusively manages.

How important are collaborations for your work?

They are very important! We have various projects in which we cooperate with different partners. In the QORA II project, for example, we are working with researchers from another Fraunhofer Institute and with various universities. Another example of cooperation is the quantum computing training program we offer together with Fraunhofer IAO. It took place for the first time last year and was a true milestone. The training program was such a success that we are jointly developing it further, offering it in a revised format this year. The program offers a platform to exchange ideas with project partners and industry as well as to share our expertise in the process. This is important to us and helps us to advance our work.


Why did you choose Fraunhofer IAF?

The special thing for me working at Fraunhofer IAF is first and foremost being integrated into the daily work routine, which is why I decided against a doctorate at a university. I prefer practical work at a research institute. It basically works like this: we don’t just do basic research, but also take the research beyond that into application. At a university, you are deeper into basic research. At Fraunhofer IAF, we develop concrete products within the framework of project work. In general, I like how exciting my work here at Fraunhofer IAF is.

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