Quantum Computing

Prof. Dr. Dr. Oliver Ambacher, Director of Fraunhofer IAF, explains the capabilities of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in the field of quantum computing.

At Fraunhofer IAF, we conduct research in the field of electronics and diamond for quantum computing. Our goal is to contribute to advances in the performance of entangled qubits and quantum memories, to increase the achievable computing times of quantum computers with novel quantum hardware and to reduce error rates.

We cover the entire value chain: from the development of novel material structures and process technologies, the accompanying characterization and quality assurance of quantum electronic devices, research on novel packaging and assembly technologies to the demonstration of powerful quantum memories and processing components. Furthermore, critical performance parameters of relevant quantum hardware are tested in practical computing processes and used in joint projects with universities, extramural research institutions and companies for hardware development for the next generation of high-performance computers.

Quantum Computing: Our expertise at a glance



  • Isotopically pure semiconductors
  • Semiconductors with large bandgaps
  • Spin- and photon-based qubit arrays


  • 1 qubit and 2 qubit gates (10 nm technology on 4“ substrates) 
  • Quantum memories (100 nm technology)
  • Light sources, waveguides and detectors for polarized light
  • Microwave sources (1 – 5 GHz)
  • Low noise amplifiers (optimized for low temperatures)
  • Packaging and connection technology


  • Cryogenic measurement technology (T = 4 K)
IBM Q Quantum Computer
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IBM Q Quantum Computer

Center for Quantum Computing

Prof. Dr. Dr. Oliver Ambacher, Director of Fraunhofer IAF, talks about the benefits of the cooperation between Fraunhofer and IBM.

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in cooperation with IBM is building a national network of competence centers in the research field of quantum computing. For this purpose, IBM will provide a quantum computer (IBM Q System) for research and development work at its location in Ehningen near Stuttgart from 2021 as a computing platform at the world's highest level of technology (based on a matrix of > 25 qubits). The location in Baden-Württemberg enables the operation of this IBM quantum computer under German legislation as the essential core of the overall initiative.

We would be pleased to inform you about the structure of the center, project opportunities and offers how you can obtain computing power at the quantum computer.

You can find all information on the Competence Center Quantum Computing here.



News and press releases


News 06/15/2021

Curtain up: Fraunhofer and IBM to unveil quantum computer

Inauguration of the quantum computer in Ehningen


News 04/23/2021

Diamond-based quantum hardware for scalable quantum processors

Start of the joint project “QC-4-BW” within the Competence Center Quantum Computing Baden-Württemberg


News 2/2/2021

Annual Report 2020/21 »Quantum«

In this year’s annual report we show you how we are actively shaping the second generation of quantum technologies at Fraunhofer IAF.