AMADEUS — Advancing the market uptake of diamond defect quantum sensors

AMADEUS is an industry-oriented consortium involving large companies, RTOs, SMEs and academic partners. The project aims to bring to market quantum sensors using nitrogen vacancies (NV centers) in high-purity diamond crystals, one of the most promising and market-ready technologies in quantum sensing. NV centers in diamond are the core element for robust quantum sensing with unprecedented compactness, enabling breakthrough technologies for a variety of applications ranging from novel tools for the semiconductor industry to novel methods for measuring and analyzing brain function.

AMADEUS builds on the previous EU-funded ASTERIQS project, in which NV-based technology was developed to TRL 4-5 in the Quantum Flagship start-up phase. The AMADEUS project will pursue four advanced applications of this technology to TRL 6-7 to address societal and economic needs:

  • A real-time cartography of the RF signal frequencies in 5G communication cellular networks and further 6G, enabling self-optimizing networks in dense area
  • A tool to the semiconductor industry for 2D/3D non-invasive analysis of defects in microelectronic circuits at room temperature and in standard environment
  • A sensor for monitoring the muscle and brain activity as novel medical diagnostic tool or as brain-machine interface in the future
  • A multipurpose tool for monitoring magnetic fields in harsh environments, like space applications or detecting transient currents in electric car batteries


AMADEUS – Advancing the MArket uptake of Diamond dEfect qUantum sensors



2022 − 2025 


EU Horizon Europe (grant agreement number: 101080136)


THALES Research & Technology-France


  • Prepare the market uptake of NV centers in diamond-based sensors and strengthen European sovereignty in this field
  • Improve the performance of the current key NV sensor technology and the performance of the core components of NV sensors
  • Developing new applications that can reach TRL 6-7 and be brought to market
  • Raise awareness and contribute to the governance and overall coordination of flagship quantum technologies
  • Boosting standardization and calibration of NV sensor technology in collaboration with metrology institutes
This research is receiving funding from the European Commission under grant agreement no. 101080136.
This research is receiving funding from the European Commission under grant agreement no. 101080136.

Press release on project launch

February 1, 2023

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