Epitaxy on demand



We offer specially tailored solutions in the field of III-V semiconductor epitaxy. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to realize pilot series production of devices for power and high frequency electronics as well as for semiconductor lasers. In this way, we create the transfer from research to industry.

In the field of wafer epitaxy you can commission the following services from us: 

  • Epitaxy of customer-specific layer structures
  • Epitaxy development and small series production
  • Scientific advice
  • Extensive characterization of the grown layer structuresUmfangreiche Charakterisierung der gewachsenen Schichtstrukturen

In the following areas, we already offer products that have been developed using our epitaxial technology:   

Area Products
Laser structures
(emission wavelenght 750 nm to 12 µm)
  • Diode lasers (GaAs 750-1080 nm, InP 1300-1700 nm and GaSb 1800-2400 nm)
  • Quantum Cascade lasers
  • IR-LED
  • UV-LED
  • Shortwave IR: InGaAs and extended InGaAs
  • Mid- and longwave IR: Type-II-SL, QWIP
  • UV Detectors
  • III-V based pHEMT, mHEMT
  • AIGaN HEMT on SiC and Si
  • 8" wafers
  • HBT
GaN-based templates
Others on request


Multiwafer MBE
© Fraunhofer IAF

Multiwafer MBE

View of the reaktor of a 11-4" MOCVD
© Fraunhofer IAF

View of the reaktor of a 11-4" MOCVD

Epitaxy equipment

  • Singlewafer MBE development tools

  • Multiwafer MBE production tools for III-As/P and III-As/Sb
    - Capacity: 7x2", 5x3", 4x4", 1x6"

  • Multiwafer MOVPE tool for III-As/P
     - Capacity: 6x2", 3x3", 1x4"

  • Multiwafer MOVPE tool for III-N
     - Capacity: 11x4", 3x8", 12x3"



  • Photoluminescence
  • High resolution X-ray (HRXRD)
  • Secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS)
  • Atomic force mircroscope (AFM)
  • Sheet resistance mapping
  • Optical surface detecting mapping
  • Bow and warp measurement
  • Hall and CV measurement
  • Reflectivity, transmission and absorptionmeasurement
  • Fabrication of test devices and full electro-ooptical characterization