ASCENTPlus – Access to European Infrastructure for Nanoelectronics

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The European Nanoelectronics Network ASCENT+ advances the first ASCENT programme and will integrate additional key European nanoelectronics infrastructures to address upcoming research challenges. The aim is to enable the development of industry-relevant disruptive nanoelectronics technologies by providing access to state-of-the-art processing, modelling /data sets, metrology/characterization, and devices/test structures. To this end, ASCENT+ integrates a unique research infrastructure of more than €2.5bn investment as single entry point and a user-focused access interface. ASCENT+ presents a unique opportunity for Europe to regain global leadership in nanoelectronics at a pivotal time where traditional scaling is coming to an end.



ASCENTPlus – Access to European Infrastructure for Nanoelectronics



2020 – 2024


EU Horizon Europe (grant agreement number: 871130)


University College Cork – National University of Ireland, Cork (Tyndall)


  • Consolidate the seamless integration of the infrastructure and provide a simplified user-centric access
  • Lower the barriers for academics and industry researchers, in particular junior researchers and from SMEs, for addressing emerging challenges in nanoelectronics with global impact
  • Foster a large multidisciplinary user base around the new challenges posed by the Nanoelectronic Technology Drivers
  • Accelerate path-finding from fundamental principles to proof-of-concept and capture the innovation potential
  • Ensure long-term sustainability of the infrastructure and the ecosystem

This project is receiving support by the European Union under grant agreement number 871130.

Further information

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