Annual reports

Annual report 2022/23 »Collaborations«

The annual report provides information about the institute in figures, the work of the business units and their scientific projects as well as reporting on selected activities. 

In this year’s annual report »Collaborations« we would like to show you our extremely versatile institute whose portfolio includes high-frequency, power and optoelectronics as well as quantum devices and systems used in communication, mobility, security as well as industrial and health applications.

This annual report provides an insight into the many different forms of our collaboration with industrial companies and scientific institutions, within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and in the context of various research projects. It presents results, shows the paths of cooperation to date, and features the voices of our partners.

Electronic paper, PDF und print-edition:


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Quantum Systems

We research and develop innovative, industry-ready processes and applications based on quantum sensors and quantum computers, to harness the great potential of quantum technology.