AI4QT — Artificial intelligence for quantum technologies

Artificial intelligence for quantum technologies

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In the AI4QT project, researchers at Fraunhofer IAF are working on enabling machine learning with quantum computing.

Quantum algorithms for machine learning are among the most promising applications of quantum computing. However, these algorithms require many error-corrected qubits to achieve a quantum advantage. On the noisy intermediate scale quantum (NISQ) processors available today, however, the realization of error correction methods is not yet technically possible. This makes the research of so-called NISQ algorithms for quantum machine learning necessary.

With the aim of enabling practical applications of machine learning with quantum computing and supporting the industry in this regard, the project will develop protocols, libraries and algorithms for various quantum computing platforms and combine current scientific findings in quantum computing with those of machine learning. The innovation is in the symbiosis of hardware and software, which contributes to the use of machine learning for scientific optimization.


AI4QT — Artificial Intelligence for Quantum Technologies





Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF

grant agreement number: 13N6704


Fraunhofer IAF


  • Identification of three known applications of machine learning (classification, data generation and unsupervised learning) and their execution on simulators and real quantum hardware
  • Development of machine learning algorithms for data from quantum sensors
  • Development of a method for the characterization and mitigation of errors on noisy quantum hardware and their application to the investigated quantum algorithms


This project is receiving support by the BMBF.

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