EdgeLimit-Green ICT

AlScN wafer by Fraunhofer IAF
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Using the power semiconductor AlScN, Fraunhofer IAF develops energy-efficient ICs and components.

In order to realize more energy-efficient mobile radio base stations, the consortium partners of the joint project “EdgeLimit-Green ICT” are working on an innovative edge-cloud antenna system. Through a combination of efficient components and optimized, AI-supported control, the novel system will reduce energy losses during transmission in the millimeter wave range of 5G by at least 50%. In this context, Fraunhofer IAF is developing resource-efficient HEMTs based on the in-house MOCVD-produced power semiconductor AlScN, which allows significantly higher power density and higher gain. The industrial partners contribute know-how in transistor fabrication, IC processing, and real-world testing and evaluation.


EdgeLimit-Green ICT



2022 – 2025


Federal Ministry for Education and Research


Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics IAF


Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Quay


  • Realization of an energy-saving edge-cloud mobile antenna system
    • Development of novel energy-efficient amplifiers and line converters based on AlScN (Fraunhofer IAF)
    • Implementation of an intelligent on-demand electronics architecture with AI support (Fraunhofer IIS)
    • Testing and evaluation of the antenna system under real-world conditions (industry partners)

Press release on project launch

Find out more about “EdgeLimit-Green ICT” in the press release on the project launch.

“EdgeLimit” wins award

First project phase of “EdgeLimit” wins second place in the “Green ICT” innovation competition of BMBF.

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