EIVE - High-performance communication link for satellites in E-band

Fraunhofer IAF radio module for data transfer
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By using high-performance high-frequency circuits based on innovative III/V semiconductor technologies, the data rate of future radio links can be significantly increased.

In order to open up new frequency ranges for broadband satellite communication and to ensure the steadily growing demand for data rates, the project EIVE will demonstrate the world's first in-orbit verification of a communication link in the E-band. Two particularly high-performance transmission and reception technologies of the Fraunhofer IAF are being deployed: GaN solid-state power amplifiers (SSPA) and low-noise mHEMT receiver amplifiers (LNA).

The in-orbit verification involves the launch of a nano-satellite with six CubeSat units, the operation of the ground station and the satellite by a control center and the investigation of the transmission quality of various modulation formats and variable baud rates depending on the weather conditions.


EIVE − Exploratory In-Orbit Verification of an E/W-Band Satellite Communication LINK



2019 − 2021


Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy


University of Stuttgart


  • Development, testing and operation of an E-band communication link from the nanosatellite to the ground station
  • Use of modern MMIC technologies for low-noise receivers (mHEMT) and powerful SSPA transmitters (GaN)
  • Proof of the feasibility of a data downlink with multi-gigabit data rates within a bandwidth of 5 GHz in the frequency range 71-76 GHz
  • Construction and operation of a ground station with antenna tracking for broadband data reception in the E-band
  • Investigation of the transmission quality of different modulation formats and variable baud rates depending on the weather conditions