T-KOS – Terahertz technologies for communication and sensor technology

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T-KOS - Terahertz Technologies for Communications and Sensor Technology

The joint project “T-KOS” develops a German value chain for innovative THz technologies for communications and sensing applications. Within this framework, pioneering industrially usable system solutions will be researched, for example for THz radio transmission with application in 6G mobile radio networks or for high-precision non-contact and non-destructive in-line testing technology in production.

The project partners are leading research institutes of the Research Fab Microelectronics Germany (FMD) with diverse THz technologies (photonics, InGaAs, InP and BiCMOS devices), which join their ideas and expertise with leading experts in signal processing. This constellation results in technological synergy effects that create new business opportunities for innovative integrated THz hardware solutions, making the project an important accelerator for new business models, industry collaborations and start-ups in Germany.

The IAF is involved in the development of concepts and demonstrators for reconfigurable THz picocell networks and in the development of ultra-wideband radar sensors for high-resolution imaging camera systems. The focus is on the development, fabrication and characterization of THz front-ends in the IAF 35-nm InGaAs-based HEMT technology and the system integration with antennas up to the signal processing interface. The aim is to demonstrate for the first time industrially applicable solutions for the frequency ranges of 250-320 GHz, 360-440 GHz and 450-520 GHz.


T-KOS – Terahertz technologies for communication and sensor technology



2021 − 2024


Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Grant agreement numbers: 16KIS1404K, 16KIS1405 und 16KIS1406


Fraunhofer FHR
Project Coordinator: Dr. Dirk Nüßler


Dr. Thomas Merkle


  • Establishment of a German value chain for new 6G terahertz radio solutions with user transmission rates of at least 100 Gbit/s
  • Inline monitoring of production processes with AI-based, real-time imaging processing for resource-efficient production
  • Combination of scalable electronic and photonic concepts for industry-ready solutions


Grant agreement numbers: 16KIS1404K, 16KIS1405 und 16KIS1406

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