Open Call for EU companies to step into the future of quantum

June 12, 2024 / Free access to pilot production facilities for quantum technologies in Europe

Qu-Test and Qu-Pilot projects have launched an Open Call to all EU companies in search of support services incorporating cutting-edge technologies in quantum computing, communication, and sensing. Qu-Test and Qu-Pilot are Horizon Europe projects that develop, upgrade, and provide infrastructure for testing, respectively give access to pilot production facilities for quantum technologies in Europe. Fraunhofer IAF contributes to both projects.

Through the Open Call, the two projects offer services to EU-based quantum technology companies without the need for significant early-stage infrastructure investments. Within Qu-Test, the offered services cover testing and characterization of quantum devices and systems for computing, communication, and sensing. In Qu-Pilot, the offered technologies and services concern superconducting, photonics, semiconducting, and diamond platforms enabling technologies for quantum computing, communication, and sensing. The services can be accessed for free through the ongoing Open Call.

Qu-Pilot — Pilot production capabilities for quantum technologies

21 partners from 9 European countries have joined forces in the "Qu-Pilot" project to develop and make available the first European fabrication capabilities for quantum technologies. To achieve this, the project partners are building on existing infrastructures and linking them together to meet the needs of the European quantum technology industry.

Fraunhofer IAF contributes to the project with its know-how in the field of photonic III/V components as well as in diamond growth and structuring. Likewise, the researchers provide characterization of diamond with respect to the parameters relevant for quantum technologies.

Qu-Test — Testing and experimentation for quantum technologies

A network of testbeds for quantum technologies is to be realized in the Qu-Test project and made available to industry. This will give companies the opportunity to test use cases as well as concepts, devices and materials in the testbeds.


The project work of Fraunhofer IAF includes experimental prototyping as well as the evaluation of chip-based III/V optoelectronic devices. Likewise, the researchers contribute to the project with the characterization of quantum sensors based on NV centers in diamond.

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QuIC Info Session on Open Calls online, 19 June 2024

Both projects have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe - The EU research & innovation program.

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