The Quantum Business Network met at Fraunhofer IAF

June 13, 2024 / Networking on the topic of "Quantum Sensing & Imaging"

On June 11, Fraunhofer IAF welcomed members of the Quantum Business Network (QBN) to exchange ideas and network on the topic of "Quantum Sensing & Imaging". Various contributions offered insights into the latest developments in the field of quantum sensing and quantum imaging. Experts and representatives of start-ups, companies and research institutions took the opportunity to get to know new approaches and applications as well as the laboratories of Fraunhofer IAF.

QBN Meeting Quantum Sensing am Fraunhofer IAF
© Fraunhofer IAF
QBN Meeting Quantum Sensing am Fraunhofer IAF
© Fraunhofer IAF

Quantum sensors and quantum imaging are based on the principles of quantum mechanics and can overcome the limits of classical measurement techniques. Quantum sensors make it possible to carry out extremely precise measurements of physical quantities such as magnetic fields, electric fields or high-frequency signals. Quantum imaging is capable of producing images with unprecedented resolution and sensitivity. Both technologies will be used in various areas over the next few years: From materials science and communication to medicine and navigation, they have the potential to fundamentally change industries and applications.

The Quantum Business Network supports this transition from the laboratory to industrial application with a common goal of its members: to build a strong quantum industry.

Quantum sensing at Fraunhofer IAF

In his talk, Dr. Philipp D'Astolfo, scientist in the field of quantum magnetometry, presented the research activities of Fraunhofer IAF: Fraunhofer IAF researches quantum sensor technologies based on NV centers in diamond and develops various systems. For example, the researchers use different magnetometers to detect microscopic damage or defects in ferromagnetic materials.

The wide-field magnetometer can be used, for example, to carry out fast magnetic field measurements for use in material characterization or biomedicine. The detection and analysis of high-frequency signals and navigation in areas without GPS are further areas of research in the field of quantum sensors. 

Further exciting contributions were made by Johan Bogerd from TNO, Carina Kiessling from Roland Berger’s Advanced Technology Center, Dominik Walter from Fraunhofer IOSB, Sara Sarp from Quantum Brilliance and Franz Münzhuber from Diehl Defence.

QBN – the Quantum Business Network

As a think tank and innovation network, the Quantum Business Network is constantly growing and promotes networking, the establishment of companies and the development of organizations that are active in the field of quantum technologies and their value chains.

The QBN ecosystem brings together start-ups, companies, research institutions and universities from the DACH region from the fields of quantum computing, simulation, communication and sensor technology as well as their areas of application. The aim is to promote industrial networking, collaboration and technology transfer.

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