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EIVE Satellit

The continuously growing need for higher data rates as well as globally available broadband internet requires innovative technology developments and the exploitation of a new electromagnetic spectrum. In the scope of R&D projects funded by the German Aerospace Center, researchers at the University of Stuttgart together with partners, one of which Fraunhofer IAF, have developed a high-performance technology platform to exploit the frequency spectrum in the so-called E-band at 71-86 GHz. State-of-the-art transmissions in terrestrial radio relay and the first gigabit data transmission between an aircraft and a ground station motivate verifying this technology in the space environment.

This is where the »EIVE« research project comes in, with the world's first in-orbit verification of a communication link in the E-band: Within the scope of this project, the partners plan to provide a broadband data downlink in the previously unused frequency range of 71-76 GHz from a nanosatellite to a ground station.

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