Grant program: TALENTA

Support for women in research

Fraunhofer TALENTA is a program for women in research, focused on the STEM subjects such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and physics. It offers female talents support at every step in their Fraunhofer career throughout two years, as well as a comprehensive accompanying program with a broad scope for the personal career development and the opportunity to network with other women at Fraunhofer. Fraunhofer Institutes participating in the TALENTA program are granted internal funds in order to finance additional time and individual training.

TALENTA at Fraunhofer IAF

Dr. Jutta Kühn, Division Director Departments and Deputy Director of Fraunhofer IAF
© Fraunhofer IAF
Dr. Jutta Kühn, Division Director Departments and Deputy Director of Fraunhofer IAF

Fraunhofer IAF continuously supports three to four female employees within the TALENTA program. Until 2017, the current head of the department »Microelectronics« and deputy director of Fraunhofer IAF, Dr. Jutta Kühn, also took part in »TALENTA speed up«. This helped her shape her career:

»I used the TALENTA program to specifically prepare myself for my new position as head of department with a responsibility for 50 employees. The so-called ›career time‹ and the offers for further trainings in combination with networking opportunities and sharing experiences with other TALENTA participants, I was able to settle into my new role efficiently and quickly.«

Anli Ding, former doctoral student at Fraunhofer IAF
© Fraunhofer IAF
Anli Ding, former doctoral student at Fraunhofer IAF

Anli Ding was recommended to the »TALENTA start«program when she started her doctoral position at IAF. She has already benefited from individual training opportunities.

»The program gives me the opportunity to further my education in various topics that are important for my personal career path. At the seminars, I can also benefit from exchanges with other women from various scientific and technical fields. This opens up completely new perspectives for your own research task. «

Vera Klinger, group leader in the process control of Fraunhofer IAF, joined the »TALENTA speed up« program to focus more on scientific work. For her, the special benefit of the program lies in the exchange and networking with other female scientist from different career levels — to see how others pursue their career path and to exchange opinions and ideas in a personal and informal setting.


More information on Fraunhofer TALENTA

Fraunhofer TALENTA is tailored directly to the needs of the respective career phase and offers suitable qualification programs.

Get to know our TALENTA women


»Creating a relationship built on trust is important for the team spirit.«


Jutta Kühn, »TALENTA speed up«, talks about her work as head of the department Microelectronics and about the challenge to work part time.


»Expertise and advanced technology levels make research in Germany so attractive.«


Belén Amado-Rey, »TALENTA start« up to 2017, from Cáceres in Spain, uses the program to boost not only her technical knowlegde, but also social competencies.


»I've always asked WHY.«


Vera Gramich is part of »TALENTA speed up« and wants to contribute to move the limits of human knowledge.