EU Research Project »UltimateGaN«:

Energy-saving chips made from new material as a turbo for renewable energy, e-mobility and CO2 savings.

A turbo for renewable energy, e-mobility and CO2 savings

05/16/2019 - EU Research Project »UltimateGaN«

The worldwide demand for energy is increasing as ever more applications in daily life are being digitalized and electric vehicles are entering the mass market in greater numbers. Energy-saving chips made from new materials such as gallium nitride play a key role in converting electrical power much more efficiently than previously, which saves energy and minimizes the CO2 footprint.

The European research project UltimateGaN (research for GaN technologies, devices and applications to address the challenges of the futureGaN roadmap) was launched 13 May 2019 with Infineon Austria taking the lead role.

Over the next three years, 26 partners from nine countries will conduct research on the next generation of energy-saving chips based on the new semiconductor material gallium nitride (GaN). The objective is to make these power semiconductors available for a wide variety of applications at globally competitive cost levels. This also means the project will make an important contribution to increasing energy efficiency and decreasing CO2. Its volume of 48 million euros makes UltimateGaN one of the largest European research projects.

»GaN-on-Si« at Fraunhofer IAF

Fraunhofer IAF partakes with its expertise at the development of a lateral »GaN-on-Si« technology with a frequency up to 4.5 and 28 GHz. This includes device design via simulations, innovative epitaxy and technology experiments, extensive reliability studies and characterization and modelling of transistors. The extracted models will be used for the design of an integrated 28 GHz power transistor for 5G applications.

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You can find more details about the project on our fact sheet about Ultimate GaN.

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