UltimateGaN - Development of mm-wave GaN-on-Si technology

Measurement of a wafer with microelectronic circuits for reliability at the Fraunhofer IAF.
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Measurement of a wafer with microelectronic circuits for reliability at the Fraunhofer IAF.

Digitalization and the required key technologies are a significant part of the answer to the various enormous challenges today’s society faces. The most important prerequisite for a digital revolution are cost-efficient electronic devices and systems that allow for big-data applications, wireless gigabit communications (such as 5G mobile radio) or energy-efficient data centers, since electrical energy is the essential resource.

Therefore, the main objective of UltimateGaN is to ensure Europe’s leading position in regard of power semiconductors and power HF applications, by developing the next groundbreaking generation of GaN technology. Thereby, the partners of the project aim for the provision of cost-effective GaN technology, which is realized on a high-volume CMOS-line and industry-standard 200 mm GaN-on-silicon wafers. Fraunhofer IAF partakes with its expertise at the development of a lateral »GaN-on-Si« technology with a frequency up to 4.5 and 28 GHz. This includes device design via simulations, innovative epitaxy and technology experiments, extensive reliability studies and characterization and modelling of transistors. The extracted models will be used for the design of an integrated 28 GHz power transistor for 5G applications.


UltimateGaN − Research for GaN technologies, devices and applications to address the challenges of the future GaN roadmap



2019 − 2022


Federal Ministry of Education and Research


Infineon Technologies Austria AG


  • Reduction of device size for the next generation of lateral 600V pGaN power transistors by > 50%
  • Cost reduction of RF-GaN devices on Si wafers by a factor of 5-10 (Price reduction of 80 to 90%) compared to the price of state-of-the-art GaN technologies on expensive SiC substrates
  • Reduction of required space by > 30% of cased GaN devices, in order to allow for smaller constructions for high-performance applications
  • Reduction of losses by up to 50% and increase of power density by 50% compared to currently used GaN based systems on silicon substrates of the first generation
  • Increase of power density by 100% compared to today’s commercialized technology of silicon based systems


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