Scientific Integrity

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft considers scientific integrity a necessary basic belief that must be maintained and promoted. Scientific indicators developed in recent years specifically for Fraunhofer ensure a constantly high level of quality in scientific activities. Accordingly scientific integrity is flanked by a number of other measures in parallel to the introduction of scientific indicators.

Scientifically experienced and qualified ombudspersons have been appointed in each Fraunhofer unit in order to contribute to the teaching of scientific integrity as well as to advise on conflicts in questions of good scientific practice. At Fraunhofer IAF, Dr. Ing. Wolfgang Bronner and Dr. Stefan Hugger (deputy) were appointed for this office by the director of the institute.

An ombudsperson completes the following tasks in order to ensure scientific integrity:

  • Participation in teaching scientific integrity at the institute
  • Providing advice and mediation in conflicts of interest
  • Participation in the resolution of conflicts


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