Publications of the business unit Photodetectors


YearAuthor/Title/SourceDocument Type
2020Cojocaru, Ludmila; Wienands, Karl; Erdil, Ulas; Schulze, Patricia S.C.; Mundt, Laura E.; Bett, Alexander J.; Breitwieser, Matthias; Lombeck, Florian; Prescher, Mario; Kirste, Lutz; Vierrath, Severin; Goldschmidt, Jan Christoph; Glunz, Stefan W.:
Hybrid evaporation/spray-coating process for a simplified and controllable production of perovskite solar cells
In: IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, Vol.10 (2020), No.1, pp.276-286
Journal Article
2020Müller, Raphael; Härtelt, Marko; Niemasz, Jasmin; Schwarz, Klaus; Daumer, Volker; Flores, Yuri V.; Ostendorf, Ralf; Rehm, Robert:
Thermoelectrically-Cooled InAs/GaSb Type-II Superlattice Detectors as an Alternative to HgCdTe in a Real-Time Mid-Infrared Backscattering Spectroscopy System
In: Micromachines, Vol.11 (2020), No.12, Art. 1124, 14 pp.
Journal Article
2020Rehm, Robert; Driad, Rachid; Kirste, Lutz; Leone, Stefano; Passow, Thorsten; Rutz, Frank; Watschke, Lars; Zibold, Andreas:
Toward AlGaN focal plane arrays for solar-blind ultraviolet detection
In: Physica status solidi. A, Vol.217 (2020), No.7, Art. 1900769, 6 pp.
Journal Article
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