KONFEKT - Components for 6G communication

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Mobile data communication, available at all locations, has become an indispensable prerequisite for digitalised societies. The 6th generation of mobile communications technology, expected from 2030, will offer »super high definition video« (8k), »super immersive multimedia«" (holograms) and »super precise positioning«. These developments will only be possible with a highly efficient infrastructure for data communication. This infrastructure is essentially based on the use of state-of-the-art semiconductor technologies and highly developed transmission technology in the stationary and increasingly also mobile telecommunications networks.

Gallium nitride is ideally suited as a material for these applications because its output power, bandwidth and power efficiency are superior to silicon technology. The aim of the project is to develop hardware components for the 6G standard and to prove their suitability for use under 6G conditions by demonstrating dedicated transmission experiments. Within the project, multi-antenna systems and electrically swivelling antennas will be developed as central components of 6G.


KONFEKT - Components for 6G communication



2020 − 2022




  • Development of energy-efficient amplifiers in GaN technology with output powers of > 100 mW for the relevant 5G and 6G frequency ranges
  • Investigation of compatible low-noise amplifiers and radio frequency switches required for the construction of a phased array antenna module
  • Development of a beam shaping architecture in low-loss waveguide technology with inherent parallel connection of many amplifier stages and possible omission of phase shifters