Quantum Sensors

The optimization of complex circuits, the visualization of individual bits in electronic storage media or a look into brain magnetic fields in order to control machines with thoughts - all these are visions that can become reality with the help of quantum magnetometers.

At Fraunhofer IAF, we are pursuing these visions with the aid of quantum sensor technology. One of our goals is to develop magnetometers with the highest spatial resolutions and the highest sensitivities, so that it will be possible to detect individual atomic nuclear spins - a revolution in the field of nanoanalytics. Quantum sensor technology is the quantum technology with the highest potential for industrial applications.

The developments at Fraunhofer IAF in the field of quantum sensor technology with diamond thus contribute to the fact that quantum technologies quickly move from the laboratory stage into application


Award for the quantum sensor



Awarded: The quantum sensor

With its diamond quantum sensor, IAF is one of the 100 innovative winners of the 2018 »Excellent Landmarks in the Land of Ideas« competition.