Optoelectronic Devices

In the field of optoelectronics, we mainly develop photodetectors and semiconductor lasers for the infrared spectral range (wavelength > 1,5 µm), but also for the solar-blind ultraviolet spectral range ( < 280 nm).


  • We customize our lasers for the emission range of 2 – 11 µm, particularly focussing on quantum cascade lasers and optically pumped semiconductor disk lasers.

  • With regard to infrared photodetectors our focus lies on matrix and single detectors of highest performance based on antimonic typ II superlattices and InGaAs. We develop highly sensitive avalanche photodiodes (APDs) with integrated signal amplification for the detection of very weak optical signals. Our bispectral detectors allow for color vision in the infrared regime.


Semiconductor lasers  




  • spectroscopic sensors – real-time detection of solid substances
  • medical applications
  • safety applications – stand-off detection of hazardous substances


Quantum cascade lasers

We currently focus on the following developments:

  • Improving the output power and performance efficiency
  • Preservation of the beam quality
  • Optimization of the epitaxial semiconductor layer structure
  • Efficient heating of components via improved packaging technology


Optically pumped semiconductor disk lasers

Experts of Fraunhofer IAF conduct research on the basis of group III antimonides in order to extend the functionality of semiconductor lasers. An example is the integration of chips in external resonators in the form of compact laser modules for spectrally fast tunable laser systems.






Infrared detectors

Matrix and single detectors of highest performance:

  • InAs/GaSb type II superlattices for the mid- (MWIR, 3 – 5 µm) and long-wave infrared (LWIR, 8 – 12 µm)
  • InGaAs for the short-wave infrared (SWIR, < 1.7 µm)
  • AlGaN for the solar blind ultraviolet regime (< 280 nm)

Devices using heterojunctions are being developed in order to improve the performance. These have significant advantages over commonly used homojunction devices, particularly in the field of dark current and noise behavior.


Avalanche photodiodes

We develop highly sensitive avalanche photodiodes (APDs) with integrated signal amplification for applications that require the detection of very weak optical signals.

We do this for the solar-blind ultraviolet spectrum below 280 nn as well as for the short-wave infrared (SWIR, 0,9 – 1,7 µm), for which we optimize AlGaN and InGaAs APDs.



Hermetically sealed high-performance LEDs  

The use of light ceramics in combination with innovative packaging technology can significantly improve the range of applications of LEDs in hot, wet or chemically contaminated environments.

To improve the efficiency of LED modules researchers of Fraunhofer IAF are working on:

  • compact power converters for LED modules
  • energy-saving control electronics for LED power converters
  • intelligent LED controls

Human and environmental factors are also being taken into account.

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