Miimosys - Technologies and Processes for Hetero-Integration of Power Electronic Systems

Project MIIMOSYS aims for the worldwide first demonstration of a heterogeneous on-chip integration of GaN transistors onto silicon CMOS control electronics at system level via micro-transfer-printing (μTP). The flexible integration of power-efficient GaN transistors in different voltage and power classes onto highly integrated silicon CMOS control circuits in different technologies at wafer level, allows the first combination of the advantages of both semiconductor materials and technologies within one single chip. This opens up completely new possibilities, but at the same time also challenges, for the system design in the field of power electronics.

Project MIIMOSYS contributes significantly to the micro and nano electronics and is a core component of the high-tech strategy of the German federal government regarding future electronic systems with improved functionality, energy efficiency and reliability, coupled with improved integration density.


MIIMOSYS – Micro-Transfer-Printings for Hetero-Integration of CMOS and GaN Devices



2017 − 2021


Federal Ministry of Education and Research


X‐FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG


  • Integration of different semiconductor materials and chip technologies: heterogeneous integration of GaN on Si and Silicon CMOS
  • Integration of different components: Integration of HEMTs, freewheeling diodes and temperature sensors on the CMOS logic
  • An advanced three-dimensional integration at wafer level: micro-transfer-printing on CMOS and GaN wafers, respectively
  • Assembly of complex multi-chip systems including their bonding: controller including driver, control and circuit breaker already wired at wafer level
  • Embedding and bonding at increasing miniaturization: wiring at wafer level with significantly increased current density
  • Use of a functional and application oriented packaging: adjustment of  packaging technology according to micro-transfer-printing processes