5G GaN2 - Gallium Nitride (GaN) based Amplifiers for 5G

The fifth generation (5G) communications technologies will provide a mobile internet access for various applications in the future: Reaching from innumerable low data rate sensors, as part of the »Internet of Things«, to individual terminals with high data rates, which would be required for video streaming, for example.

In order to realize the required high data rates, frequency bands in millimeter wave range (>24GHz) will be used, offering a bandwidth 10 times higher than currently available frequency bands (< 6 GHz). The experts aim at improving the available output power and the energy efficiency of the network infrastructure of these innovative frequency bands, through the use of advanced gallium nitride (GaN) based amplifiers.


5G-GaN2 – 5G  base stations GaN components and Circuits for RF transceivers 2



2018 − 2021


EU | ECSEL Research and Innovation Actions


UMS Semiconductors


  • Development of GaN based technologies and amplifier circuits, optionally on cost-efficient Si or high-performance SiC substrates.
  • Realization of various demonstrators at 28, 38 and 80 GHz.


Further information

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