GreenDiamond - Green electronics with diamond power devices

Green energy with diamond-based power electronics
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Electricity generated by renewable energies will be used even more efficiently in the future with the help of diamond.

The key to the efficient transmission and conversion of low-carbon electrical energy is the improvement of power electronic devices, which must be durable and reliable in high power environments. The objectives of the GreenDiamond project are therefore to fabricate the first high power electronic device from diamond that is competitive with existing wide-band-gap semiconductor technologies, and realize the first power converter using these diamond devices.


GreenDiamond – Green electronics with diamond power devices



2015 − 2020


European Commission


  • To develop simulation models and parameters suitable for analysis of diamond devices’ analysis
  • To fabricate Prototype MOS transistors in several stages
  • To design and develop high quality, cost-effective package solutions suitable for the robust operation of 6.5 kV and 10 kV rated devices under extreme conditions
  • To develop reliability tests for normal and extreme operating conditions of the developed power devices
  • To demonstrate a high voltage three-phase DC/AC high-power converter based on diamond devices


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No 640947.