Modules and demonstrators

According to the individual requirements of our customers we develop modules and demonstrators on the basis of our devices and circuits. They are used to demonstrate the performance of the IAF technologies and enable our customers to evaluate them in their specific application scenario.

In the field of high frequency electronics we develop modules and demonstrators for applications in communication, radars, radar sensors, space and radio astronomy:

  • High bit rate wireless communication links: data rates of up to 64 Gbit/s at 240 – 300 GHz over a distance of 1 km
  • Synthetic aperture radar up to 300 GHz, MIMO radar
  • Radar sensors for high precision distance measurements and non-destructive materials testing in Industry 4.0 settings
  • Low noise amplifiers for weather satellites
  • Low noise cryogenic amplifiers for radio astronomy

In optoelectronics we develop customized laser modules and system demonstrators as well as LED modules:

  • Application-specific infrared laser modules for the spectral range of 1.9 – 11 µm
  • High performance laser modules for the infrared
  • Tunable infrared laser modules with narrow line width
  • Laser-based sensing systems including algorithms for data analysis
  • All-ceramic LED modules and customized LED modules with increased functionality
  • LED demonstrators, e.g. for adaptive lighting