Electronic circuits

We develop transistors, monolithic integrated circuits (ICs) and modules for a broad spectrum of applications. We address high frequency and power applications in the microwave and (sub)millimeter-waves range up to 800 GHz, as well as power electronics for use in power switches and converters up to 100 MHz.

Our devices and circuits are based on III-V semiconductor materials such as Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs). They offer superior switching speed, power, noise figures, linearity and energy-efficiency, all combined with a small form factor.

Our metamorphic IC technology is based on InGaAs HEMTs and is available with gate lengths of 50 nm, 35 nm and 20 nm, with resulting cut-off frequencies up to 1 THz. This technology allows us to realize e.g. ultra low noise amplifiers with large bandwidth for room-temperature operation. Using the same technology we also develop ultra low noise amplifiers for operation at cryogenic temperatures. Our amplifiers are qualified for space applications and offer lowest noise figures combined with very high gain. Our transceiver ICs allow ultra fast data transmission up to 300 GHz and beyond.

We further develop, based on our millimeter-wave ICS, subsystems, for example compact radar modules with high accuracy for demanding applications in non-destructive materials testing, automation technology and process control.

Furthermore, we develop microwave power amplifiers based on a GaN-on-Silicon-Carbide technology platform. The focus is here on ICs covering frequencies up to and beyond 100 GHz, such as:

  • Power generation in the range of 1 – 2 GHz with a power output of 1 kW
  • Amplifiers for mobile communication in the range of 0.5 – 6 GHz with a power output of up to 250 W
  • Amplifiers for Ka band wireless communication links up to 40 GHz with a power output of 5 – 10 W
  • E band (71 – 84 GHz) ICs with an output power of 1 W and ICs for 94 GHz for use in radar.

We also offer R&D services for integrated FET circuits and diodes based on a GaN-on-Silicon technology platform, e.g. for use in power modules delivering up to 3 kW.