Application Fields


Energy and Mobility

Increasing demand for energy, high traffic volumes and increasing environmental pollution require sustainable and affordable solutions. The components and systems developed at the Fraunhofer IAF pave the way for energy savings in many diverse areas.

Information and Communication

Worldwide data transmission continuously increases, rural areas are to be connected to high speed networks, mobile networks are to be available nationwide at anytime. In order to meet these demands, the Fraunhofer IAF develops high performance energy-efficient devices as well as novel technologies.

Environment and Health

In order to monitor and dispose of hazardous materials, the Fraunhofer IAF develops modules and systems which provide precise measurements of hazardous substances in the air, the soil or in liquids, even in harsh environments. Developments in medical technology pave the way for novel diagnosis and analysis methods.

Safety and Security

Every day, we unconsciously rely on different safety and security systems to work reliably. The Fraunhofer IAF develops components and systems which help rescue teams and protective services with difficult operations.

Process and Material Inspection

The Fraunhofer IAF develops methods and components for direct in-line process control used in the quality control of materials and in process optimization.