Research areas


Electronic circuits

We develop transistors, monolithic integrated circuits (ICs) and modules for a broad spectrum of applications. We address high frequency and power applications in the microwave and (sub)millimeter-waves range up to 800 GHz, as well as power electronics for use in power switches and converters up to 100 MHz.


Optoelectronic devices

We develop photodetectors and semiconductor lasers primarily for the infrared spectral range (wavelength > 1.5 µm). We mainly focus on matrix and single element detectors in the mid-wave infrared  and the long-wave infrared spectral range as well as on quantum cascade lasers and optically pumped semiconductor disk lasers.


Modules and demonstrators

According to the individual requirements of our customers we develop modules and demonstrators on the basis of our devices and circuits. They are used to demonstrate the performance of the IAF technologies and enable our customers to evaluate them in their specific application scenario.

Material development

In order to realize new device concepts and to improve and extend our current devices portfolio we also investigate and develop novel materials.