Semiconductor Lasers

Infrared semiconductor lasers, laser systems and LED modules

The focus within our business unit »Semiconductor Lasers« is on the development and fabrication of infrared semiconductor lasers and laser systems based thereon, as well as on advanced LED modules. Our semiconductor lasers cover the 2 – 11 µm wavelength range, employing the concept of optically pumped semiconductor disk lasers for the 2 – 3 µm range and that of quantum cascade lasers (QCL) for wavelengths above 3 µm. Such lasers are needed for medical diagnostics and therapy as well as for a range of spectroscopic sensing applications. Our fast scanning external cavity QCL (EC-QCL) allow us to determine the chemical composition of a substance in real time. Customers can test and evaluate our laser technology for a variety of applications, such as in-line process control or detection of hazardous substances from a safe distance, in our application lab.

Our offering

Infrared lasers:

  • Epitaxy service for infrared semiconductor lasers
  • Fabrication of QCL chips (chip-on-submount)
  • Development of application specific laser modules including driver / control electronics and software
  • Realization of demonstrator systems for infrared spectroscopic sensing

LEDs and LED modules:

  • Comprehensive measurement and testing including reliability and failure analysis
  • Realization of LED-based demonstrators for e.g. adaptive and smart lighting

Key Publications

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