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Bispectral thermal imaging with superlattice matrix detectors.

High resolution matrix and single element detectors for the infrared and UV spectral range

Within the business unit »Photodetectors« we develop and fabricate matrix and single element detectors for use in Sterling-cooled high-end infrared cameras as well as for sensing UV or infrared radiation in industrial measurement and control. For solar-blind UV, i.e. wavelengths below 280 nm, we work on AlGaN-based Geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes (APDs) which allow single photon detection. For the short-wavelength infrared (0.9 – 1.7 µm) we develop InGaAs-based pin photodiode and APD arrays, which provide clear sight even through smoke, dust, and fog. For detectors covering the mid-wavelength (3 – 5 µm, MWIR) and long-wavelength (8 – 12 µm, LWIR) infrared, we use our proprietary InAs/GaSb type-II superlattice (T2SL) technology. This technology allows us to realize both classical single-band MWIR and LWIR focal plane arrays (FPAs) as well as MWIR dual-color FPAs which are unique worldwide. Such a dual-color FPA allows to capture infrared images in two different spectral bands simultaneously, which enables »color-vision« in the infrared spectral range.

Our offering

  • Epitaxy service for infrared detectors based on III-V compound semiconductors
  • Development of front and backside processing for detector arrays
  • Small scale production of imaging detector arrays and thermoelectrically cooled and uncooled single-element detectors

Key Publications

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