UV detectors

In the industrial use of ultraviolet light (UV), for instance in the curing of paint and adhesives or in water treatment applications, continuous monitoring of the light intensity is useful or even mandatory. New, long-term stable detectors on the basis of aluminum gallium nitride (AlGaN) have advantages over traditionally used solutions: among others, they show no degradation under irradiation with high UV intensities.

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UV detector chips in TO18 package.


  • Intrinsic insensitivity to visible light (»visible blind«)
  • ƒƒDirect integration of filters into the detector chip: active region adjustable, e.g. in the
    UV-A 320 – 370 nm,
    UV-B 280 – 320 nm,
    UV-C 240 – 280 nm
  • ƒƒVery low dark current and high quantum efficiency (>50 %)
Ultraviolettes Licht wird häufig zur Härtung von Klebstoffen und Lacken, wie beispielsweise Dental-Füllungen, eingesetzt
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Ultraviolet light is often used to cure paint and adhesives, for example in dental restoration.


  • Curing of adhesives, paint and sealing compounds
  • ƒƒDisinfection of air and water
  • ƒƒEnvironmental and exhaust gas analysis
  • ƒƒUV cameras monitoring plasma processes or as components in visual inspection or sorting systems