Diamond tips for magnetometry

The resolution and sensitivity of existing magnetometers is too low to detect very small magnetic fields. They are insufficient, for example, for use in basic research in physics, where single spins are to be detected. At the Fraunhofer IAF, diamond magnetometers are being developed that exhibit magnetic structures in the nanometer range and thus allow for the detection of very small magnetic fields.

Diamant-Nanostruktur, zur Detektion von sehr kleinen Magnetfeldern.
© Photo Fraunhofer IAF

Diamond nano structure for the detection of very small magnetic fields.


  • Sensitivity of 20 nT*Hz-1/2
  • Spatial resolution von 20 nm


  • Precise calibration and optimization of the read / write heads of magnetic storage disks
  • Life Sciences, e.g. in neuroscience for the study of neural changes in Alzheimer's disease and for pharmacology