Ultra fast wireless communication in the terahertz range

The THz frequency range offers wireless communication links which allow the exchange of large quantities of data within a few seconds. The cost-efficient realization is possible by using new monolithic integrated THz transceiver chips. The research group develops adaptive wirelesss point-to-point terahertz indoor communication systems and validates their performance for distances up to 10 m and for data rates up to 100 Gbit/s.


Project title TeraPAN  
Project duration 2013 − 2016  
Funding source Federal Ministry of Education and Research  
Project partners
  • Technische Universität Braunschweig
  • University of Stuttgart
Project manager Dr. Thomas Merkle  
  • Development of multifunctional transmitters and receivers at a carrier frequency of 300 GHz based on monolithic millimeterwave integrated circuits (MMICs)
  • Implementation of cost-efficient monolithic integrated transceivers with a small form factor for data rates up to 100 Gbit/s
  • Integration of an innovative THz demonstrator with coherent transmitter/receiver channels
  • Verification of the transmission of data rates up to 100 Gbit/s in a wireless personal area network (WPAN)
  • Validation of electronic beam scanning for mobile devices and modern transmission schemes such as MIMO and OFDM