High Frequency Electronics

Electronic integrated circuits and modules for high frequencies

Millimeter waves can penetrate dust, fog, rain, snow and even clothes. The short wavelength allows for a high spatial resolution when dealing e.g. with imaging sensors and the associated high frequency allows for a large bandwidth and thus a high data rate in wireless communication. In the business unit »High Frequency Electronics« we develop a broad range of high-performance integrated circuits covering the frequency range up to 850 GHz, using our proprietary InGaAs metamorphic high-electron-mobility transistor (HEMT) technology based on 4” GaAs wafers. The whole R&D value chain is established at IAF for this monolithic integrated circuit (MMIC) technology. It ranges from IC design and simulation to small series MMIC fabrication, module integration as well as comprehensive chip and module characterization.

The range of MMICs developed and fabricated at IAF extends from very low noise HEMT amplifiers with high gain, large bandwidth and low power consumption. Recently we have achieved a noise figure of 4.8 dB at 243 GHz and a maximum operating frequency of 850 GHz, which makes IAF InGaAs HEMT MMICs unique within Europe. Besides amplifiers, our MMIC portfolio also includes mixers, frequency multipliers, oscillators, switches, phase shifters as well as highly integrated multi-functional MMICS, such as single-chip radars and single-chip transceivers. These MMICs are ideally suited for active or passive millimeter-wave imaging systems and sensors, phased-array radars, high data rate wireless communication links, as well as satellite based space and earth observation and communication. 

Our offering

High-frequency ICs and modules:

  • MMIC design
  • Device modelling
  • MMIC prototyping and small series production
  • Integration of MMICs into modules


  • S-parameters up to 1.1 THz
  • Noise parameters up to 50 GHz
  • Noise figure up to 750 GHz
  • Output power up to 300 GHz
  • Intermodulation up to 50 GHz
  • DC and RF measurements at cryogenic temperatures
  • Degradation and lifetime tests in DC and RF mode

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