Nanowire matrices for high-resolution fingerprint sensing

Der PiezoMAT-Demonstrator: ein Fingerabdrucksensor auf Basis von 10x25 Pixel-Matrix mit einer räumlichen Auflösung von 1000 dpi. Inset: SEM-Aufnahme des aktiven Bereichs des Sensors mit einzelnen ZnO-NW-basierten Pixeln.
© Photo Fraunhofer IAF

The PiezoMAT demonstrator: a finger print sensor based on 10 x 25 pixel matrix with a spatial resolution of 1000 dpi. Inset: SEM micrograph of the sensor's active area showing individual ZnO NW-based pixels.

The EU project »PiezoMAT« addresses novel scalable technologies for the fabrication of ultra-high-resolution fingerprint sensors, whose resolution is supposed to be sufficient to detect level 3 minutiae such as pores and ridge edges of skin. Such a level of resolution is accessible only by using high-density arrays of directly addressable nanoscale pixels such as piezo-electrical ZnO nanorod arrays.

Project title PiezoMAT − High-resolution fingerprint sensing with vertical piezoelectric nanowire matrices  
Project duration 2013 − 2016  
Funding source European Union  
Project partners
  • CEA Leti
  • Leipzig University
  • Tyndall
  • KTU
  • Specific Polymers
Project manager Dr. Vadim Lebedev  
  • Single-crystalline ZnO nano-pixels with lateral spacing below 5 µm
  • Lateral resolution of 1500 − 5000 dpi
  • Pressure sensing and digitizing with 8 bit resolution
  • Fingerprint sensors with an active area of ~1.5 x 1.5 cm2

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No 611019.