Diamond Devices

Devices based on engineered diamond, graphene and AlScN

Core activities within the business unit »Diamond Devices« are research and development towards components and devices based on either single-crystalline or nano-crystalline diamond. This includes the growth of ultra-pure as well as intentionally doped diamond by plasma-assisted CVD and the development of techniques for the processing of diamond, such as laser cutting, polishing, dry etching as well as the deposition of metal coatings and contacts onto diamond. Furthermore, we investigate novel materials such as high quality graphene sheets and flakes as well as AlScN thin films for RF piezoelectric filters.


Our main research areas

  • Lenses made from single-crystalline diamond for high power lasers
  • Diamond heatspreaders
  • Diamond based Schottky diodes
  • MEMS and NEMS made out of nano-crystalline diamond
  • Diamond electrodes for electro- and biochemical sensors
  • Defect centers in diamond for quantum magnetometry and single-photon emission



Scientific Publications

YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2018Direct observation of spontaneous polarization induced electron charge transfer in stressed ZnO nanorods
Seifikar, Masoud; Christian, Björn; Volk, János; Radó, János; Lukács, István E.; Dauksevicius, Rolanas; Gaidys, Rimvydas; Lebedev, Vadim; Viana, Antoine; O'Reilly, Eoin P.
Journal Article
2018Microstructural investigations of polycrystalline Ti2AlN prepared by physical vapor deposition of Ti-AlN multilayers
Gröner, Lukas; Kirste, Lutz; Oeser, Sabine; Fromm, Alexander; Wirth, Marco; Meyer, Frank; Burmeister, Frank; Eberl, Chris
Journal Article
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